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Virtual Business Partners (VBP) is an Australian outsourcing company based in Cebu, Philippines that provides back office solutions to financial firms. Founded in 2013 by David Carney and David Deegan. DC and DD, as the staff would call them, have worked in the financial planning industry. DC brings 20 years of experience and is a Certified Gazelles International Coach. On the other hand, DD started in the industry way back 2002 and has gone through the E-Myth Mastery Business Coaching program.
With their combined knowledge and expertise, they have established back office solutions that aim to change how financial advice is delivered in Australia.

Back Office Solutions Expertise

Now with over 180 staff, we provide virtual assistance to financial planners. Our services help them free their hands of back office workload. The value of their advice increases when they focus more on engaging with their clients.
We specialise in financial planning services. Our Financial Planning Assistants are professional and highly efficient. They have gone through an extensive training program about the industry and its processes. This is to ensure full understanding on what is financial planning is all about. Consequently, they are then dedicated to financial planning firms to help with administrative, paraplanning, bookkeeping, and marketing tasks. In 2017, VBP was nominated as one of the finalists in the Asia CEO Awards SME Company of the Year.
Apart from our expertise and specialisation, we also engage in a more qualitative relationship with clients. This is what sets us apart form other outsourcing companies. We always try to build a solid and long term relationship with our clients. While it is our duty to make them happy, our staffs are also treated to the best that they deserve. We are a culture-led business and we make sure that we keep our staff happy and encourage them to build trust and create a harmonious relationship with their clients.

Our passion is to help adviser firms be more profitable by working smarter not harder.

Having a team of Virtual Assistants has freed up an enormous amount of time for our advisers and their client support managers. We are now able to focus squarely on client issues rather than the time consuming paperwork, which is now largely being done by our virtual staff at a fraction of what it was costing us.

Dave Stephen

Managing Director, Investblue